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Originally posted by Jewelzz
Best of luck to Neowin and it's staff. We hope you make a speedy comeback.
Same here;)

Makes you appreciate this place even more:), when you see all the cr*p that was giong on over there:confused:


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Originally posted by xsivforce
As some of you may have seen, Neowin is down for the moment. Before there is any misinformation posted here, I will post this link to a post by Neobond. It explains the situation pretty well.

We at XP-erience hope that Neowin is able to get things back on track soon and return as good or better than it already is.
Good grief I've read the threads over there and it's like handbags at dawn:D

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Does sound like they are in some deep...err...problems.

Best wishes to Neowin, hopefully, they can get back up again, and running fine the way they were.


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StealTheBandwidth was nice enough to send in this update on Neowin:

All you fan's may be wondering what has happened to the site and why you are getting an error message. Well since we have always supported here is the latest update on whats going on.

Neobond writes "Due to mis-understandings about ad's on Neowin we have been forced to close the site, at this time our host has decided not to shut off apache so everyone is getting a Forbidden message, this is beyond our control I'm afraid. It does NOT mean you are banned from the site.

We already have offers of hosting and are not looking in that direction right now. We are not sure at the moment what will happen with the site.

It has been for the most part a fun 2 years to do Neowin theres alot of reasons to continue but there are also many reasons to stop. Whatever we do we will keep this space informed."

Source: Geeknewz

Thanks StealTheBandwidth


Yes, I too will miss the site! Thanx to you, each and every one, popular or not, for at least standing up for concepts that you believe in and contributing your times, talents and knowledge. See you again....


Hey, Umm first of all I would like to comment on that.

First of all Indeeed Neowin did treat new members like Sheet. I mean I was there and I posted my site url asking how people liked it and boom NeoBound Banned Me! I mean thats like soo of all NeoWin had a problem about indeed about the whole world revolving around them! I am sorry to say this but yes indeed. I am not trying to be rude or anything but I can also understand what kinda pain they have to go through to keep us updated. ask me about it I run a news site my self Link Deleted sorry for spamming..back to topic neowin had a awesome future though. Well I wish neobound and neowin and everyone else on there team a great future!


MrWatchDawg: You have been asked several time not to post the link to your competitive XP site (which is also considered spamming). This is your last time you will be banned - Jewelzz


They are very very strict about adversiting other sites.

I have my problems with the site as well. One of the mods closed a thread about someone's grandmother dying. Also, there is too much turmoil running amuck there. Just take a look at their MSN community. It is nothing but people yelling at one another, that is all. This is in a way how members at Neowin acted towards one another, yet on a smaller scale. I think the respect between members there is lost.

However, after saying all of that, Neowin has stood the test of time with staff members going and creating other sites and competing with Neowin directly. Neobond was stabbed in the back a lot of times, that is why he is not in a real happy mood to many people.

Also in general members are helpful. Members will reply helping you there in minutes if you have a problem.

In conclusion, I think the quality of the site has went down over the past several months. But the place still has huge potential, and I wish them the best of luck. But due to problems I have with other members there, I may not post there again to keep myself from being banned for telling it like it is.

Nick M

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When respect between members is lost, that is a very, very bad thing. That's when site's tend to start going down slope in terms of succes and just about everything else.

I have been to other forums, and never have I met people and mods, that were as friendly and welcoming as here on XP-erience. Here, people help you out, newbie or not. The threads are really helpful, and it's obvious that the mods don't sit around and do nothing, I think the moderators contribute a lot, and post a lot of useful things. Othersites, people are mean and everyone is cool.

Nick M *loves Xperience *


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Originally posted by MrWatchDawg
MrWatchDawg: You have been asked several time not to post the link to your competitive XP site (which is also considered spamming). This is your last time you will be banned - Jewelzz
this is silly.Most of the users typed the url of their sites in their signatures so why didn't edt theirs?
if he/she has a site which is good and competitive to yours then prove yourself, don't hide and prevent everybody from something that can be good..I remember seeing a BIG SPAM thread at WindowsXP Stuff site when this site had no host!


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If I had the ability to edit a sig that advertised a competetive site, I would edit it. Right now, only admins have that ability. Rules are rules. You as well as every member here agreed to these rules when you signed up. The rules also state: Moderators have the right to deleted any post/thread the deem necessary.


Yeah it is true. I ain't taking nobody's side but, why do people sign up here if they just show their site. They should just stick to their own site then and not advertise it in places!

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