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Neowin Hacked?


OSNN Godlike Veteran
The site is down and this was posted in #neowin after about 700 bots were brought in - No sh!t 700, the change had about 42 ppl and went up to over 700 :eek:

[18:07:32] <TEOMAN```> SouljA{X} ownd ur site *****es

Closing words from the twit:

[18:09:14] <SouljA{X}> just so u know
[18:09:15] <SouljA{X}> thanks
[18:09:15] <SouljA{X}> haha
[18:09:24] * SouljA{X} (~Devil@London-HSE-ppp3544159.sympatico.ca) Quit (Client Quit)

I'm bore, can ya tell *sigh*


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The kid is in #neowin now arguing with members, quite interesting

[19:11:14] <kidd0|AFK> well, I'll be back later, dun expect neowin to be up anytime soon B)


I may actually be insane.
I gather they're just DoS'ing like the packet kiddies they are, and with 700+ machines (quite viable with the none existant security of cableco's etc) say they have a minimum of 64k upload, and they're all constantly joint DDoS'ing the neowin servers thats a minimum barrage of 43mb/second
So unless they do summat about it, neowins pretty muchly ****ed for the duration :confused: :huh:


I may actually be insane.
thats exactly 700 machines with 64k upload, I should imagine there's a few more machines and plenty more bandwidth. Kinda sh!tty really that some little idiot punk kid can take down such a large site/server


I may actually be insane.
Most probably back door trojans, over time you can "collect" victims, then when you need them, use all the bandwidth at once

Also due to the lack security of some cable/DSL companies its not un-heard of for some people to gain access to the main hub/server of an ISP and get into machines or just use the bandwidth direct from there.

I should imagine that there's plenty of ways it can be done.

Exploiting many peoples machines is a lot easier than getting access to a nice server with a few hundred mb bandwidth.


I may actually be insane.
Ah well, dont mean to sound like an arse, but it doesn't really affect me, I think i've been to neowin about 5 times in the past 2 years :p
Still annoying that some ****er feels its right to take them down though.

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