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I may actually be insane.
Welcome to the online home of "Neolithic Office", or NeoOffice® for short. NeoOffice the main development project for making OpenOffice.org to run natively on MacOS X. It is a free software port of OpenOffice.org to the MacOS X platform.

Our primary development effort is NeoOffice/J. NeoOffice/J uses a combination of Carbon and Java to make a truly native open source office suite. It has all of the features of OpenOffice.org 1.1 X11 and more! NeoOffice/J features Aqua menus in our alpha release, with more native controls still to come. Stop fussing with X11 and get the real deal today.
Very cool. I've always been put off using OpenOffice on the Mac due to the requirement of running the X11 server every time I needed it (not a huge problem, or even an inconvenience, just Native is better :D) Hopefully NeoOffice is a project that shall continue to develop into a healthy, native, port of the OpenOffice suite.

Link: http://www.neooffice.org/

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