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Needed: Format Recovery Tools


Woah.. I'm still here?
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So a friend at work as an ancient laptop that he was trying to reload. As part of the normal process, he formated his drive (single drive, single partition). As the format process was completing, he realized that he did not backup some images/pictures that were on the drive.

As I said, this is an ancient laptop that was running Windows Me in a FAT32 partition (ugh!).. all of my tools seem to be NTFS only.. and I can't seem to find any of my old Norton tools in my stack of old disks.

so, does anyone know of any (free) tools that can recover the formated drive.. since there is no OS on the HD now just a plain formated drive, It would be preferable to have a utility that can run from a floppy.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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hmm.. for some reason I didn't think getDataBack was floppy/DOS friendly

I'll have to investigate that option. I have an old NTFS version, but don't have the version that will read FAT
My bad. It's not floppy friendly and the newer versions have gotten even bigger. AND people are charging for it now.

Any chance you could boot from a windows install CD and then put the recovery tools in on a CD?
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