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Need Web Design/Dev Software - Recommendations?


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I am in the market for web design/development software. muzikool keeps bragging about the application he uses on his Mac.

He even brags that his software allows him to power his blog (make the changes and upload via FTP).

I keep looking at Studio 8, but I wanted to see if anyone had any different recommendations and pro's/con's to those.

Thank you.


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I don't know what much else say but Studio 8, it is the most simplistic set of programs you can get for this area, but the easiest to learn. Even if you can't learn it on your own, there are millions of tutorials for each program alone.

I will have to say you need to get Studio 8, it's what I use.


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I have not yet discovered it, so I assume not. I still don't see compared to the quality of all the software, where that one blogging thing matters much. You can get good enough separate programs for that.


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Sry, don't mean anything bad towards you.

Such as, I don't know of any good blog programs. I don't use them.

But for a amazing set of programs, to do all design work. Studio 8 is amazing.


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notepad.exe, a descent server with databases, a couple of books, and a graphics utility.

thats 'on the cheap'


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going from that to studio 8, will for sure make your life easier...some designers say it makes it too easy, and makes u less of one....but I think it has to do with more organized and speeded up process.


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Would you mind posting some screenshots of Dreamweaver in action? Have you heard rumors of a new version released by Adobe? Honestly, I don't want Fireworks (last time I installed that application it hijacked my file associations without asking), I like Photoshop too much.

Does it support XHTML, XML, etc.? Offer easy support for creating such pages?
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I would also push for Dreamweaver

Don't know why someone is so hyped about blogging when they have only updated 3 times in the past 3 months :D


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I don't have time for screenshots right now, but yes it supports xhtml, and all those goodies. I have not heard any rumors, 8.0 is the latest version for there software. I myself did not mind fireworks taking file types, but I'm sure you can change it.


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Here is a small preview, pretty much just showing what is on the main page... there are too many things and ways of doing things to show in a screenshot..
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