Need Video Driver for IBM ThinkPad


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1 Mar 2004
I have an old IBM ThinkPad (Type 2626-50U) in which I have developed a problem. The video display is centered on the monitor screen with a black border around it. The Display Properties where I would normally change this setting is only giving me one option (16 colors) and one resolution.

I assuming that this is a problem with my video driver, which I think is a neomagic driver, since I just recently reformatted and did not have this display problem before (bought the lap top used).

Where can I get an updated drived for this PC?
Any other suggestions on a fix?

If I have posted in the wrong section, my apologies.

That doesn't show up as a valid model number on the IBM support site. Any other guesses on model?

Ok family number is 390.

Almost there... What operating system are you running? XP, 2000 ,98, ME, etc?

Here is link to all drivers for the 390 series thinkpads. It does not show XP support so you would use 2000 driver, but the 2000 Driver says it is built in.

I guess if it were easy you wouldn't have asked for help...
you can press Fn+F8 to stretch the screen, although that will probably look really bad.
Now the opposite problem

I downloaded the drivers, Thanks, guys! and now though the situation is better, I've got the opposite problem. The Screen is too big! Meaning that, I have to scroll to get from one end of the screen to the other. I've played with different display settings but nothing works.

Oh well, Don't know what to do next, other than take it in and let a professional fix it and charge me money for it. In which the bad part will be him telling me how he fixed it and me thinking "Why the F**K didn't I think of that!"


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