need to reboot to reconnect to the internet



it does some times reconnect but it don't let me receive any data, this is dialup btw

anyone else having this problem or know a solution.

i've uninstalled zone alarm, but it still does it, help, please somone


:D :D

hmmm this is a fix that works for broadband at times, but test it to see if maybe it'll work for time you have the problem and you aren't getting any data when you reconnect...goto start-run and type in the command prompt type in ipconfig /release, then when it is done type in ipconfig /renew

only thing I can think of :p
I don't think it'll work. Where does the problem occur? Before dialing, during handshake or after?

I'd say get a new modem driver anyway. Or just remove and reinstall the driver if it has worked in XP before.
I had the same problem, but for me it was fine once I stopped using Zonealarm Pro and stopped it from starting up with Windows. Had no problems since, running Tiny Personal Firewall now...
ooops yeah, sorry i forgot about this threat,

yes the problem was defenitly zone alarm.

i am now using norton internet security with no such problems



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