Need Sugesstions - HDD Partioning!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by seeetu, Dec 25, 2004.

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    Hi :), First of i shall like to thanks the Admin, Mod & all the members for this nice forum.

    Ok, before discussing my problem - a berif snap shot of my system.
    4IDE drives - 2HDD(80GB, 120GB @7200rpm), DVD-RW & DVD-ROM.
    Multiple OS - Win98SE, Win2000Pro+SP4 & WinXPSP2 on 80GB(Primary IDE)
    120GB is on Secondery IDE for stroage only.

    This 2HDD are well partioned according to my suite.Actually this system is for editing purpose, as all of you know a lotsa space is reqd. for DV capture.So, i added 160GB SATA HDD(for stroage only) to my system.I partioned it into 3 primary each of 31GB and the remaining into 2Logical partion each of 28GB.All these are in NTFS.

    Now the problem is regarding space loss for SATA HDD.
    266MB loss for each 31GB, a huge loss of 2.2GB in the first 28GB partion and a minimal of 26MB loss for the last 28GB partion.I have partioned them using partion magic7.0 pro from XP.For the other drives the losses are ok, but 2.2GB is a huge loss.Later i boot the system from 2000 & format that partion by using windows format, after which it is shown 26MB as loss.I was happy with it until i boot from XP, it detect a new hardware...reboot the system and again the partion loss for the first 28GB is 2.2GB
    So as i format & stick with Win2000Pro loss is 26MB.As soon as i switch to WinXPSP2....loss becames 2.2GB.I have also tried other deleting both 28GB partion and merge them to one big 56GB partion.But the result is same....Loss is minimum as i fromat from 2000 while it is 2.2GB+ from xp.

    So, here i am very much confusion with these abnomal behaviour.
    Sugesstion are most welcome regarding partion so to have minimal losses.
    thanks;- seeetu.
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    Hi Seeeto - Welcome and Happy Christmas, or shopping, or Holidays, ir whatever you observe (an auspicious day to join OSNN!).

    I think you are suffering from the 48 bit addressing issue which can be present at BIOS level when recognising new drives - see here As a first and simple step - just check your BIOS and get it updated to the latest level - then maybe uninstall and redetect the drive (hope there is no data there yet!).

    Post back with more information if that resolves your main problem (which I think is your only one BTW).

    Have a good time here (today is parrrty time!) :)
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    odly enough i had this issue with my 160Gb Hitachi p-ata drive. I would only show justover 120Gb until XP was fully installed. It then would show the entire 160Gb. I know this doesnt help you too much but it may be helpful for you to look for Acronis Disk Director there is a trial download available. I havent used it myself but people have said that it has helped them recover lost space on their drives.
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    At the time of posting my problem, i am getting its answer in my mind.
    Actually i am doing a kinda stupid...! hehe :rolleyes:

    What actually happened....
    A few days ago, i set virtual memory space(page file) for that partion 2GB+ from XP.Later i forget the things.....So, when i repartioned/format it the 2GB+ loss comes up as confusion to me.Thats why, when formating from 2000 shows up the whole space and while booting from xp, it reserves the allocated 2GB+ space and shown up as used....

    Finally, searched google in seek of solution and utimately here i am today.
    Anway, sorry for troubling you guys.The problem is solved now.And thanks for the fast reply.

    Marry Christmas to all of you
    Enjoy;- seeetu :)
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    lol... i guess you were thinking about xmas pressies and stuff. ;)