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Need Speaker Buying Advice!!!


OSNN One Post Wonder
I am buying a new set of speakers. I currently bought a 5300 5.1 from Logitech but a friend showed me that CircuitCity is selling the z-680 5.1 with wireless remote and digital decoding for the same price as the 5300 at $199. I read reviews looked up Tom's Hardware and found the z-680 has a containt hissing on the center speaker. I was wondering if anyone had any experince with the z-680. Is the hissing really that bad, or should return the 5300 and get the 680s.

The sale is in store only. Circuitcity.com says check stores for details.



The Analog Kid
The pro media are probably the best "consumer" 5.1+ computer speakers you can get right now. I think the Logitechs are great too, but I don't have experience with the 680's. For the money, unless you truly need 5.1+, my suggestion is to buy a home theater type tuner/amp and a good set of bookshelf speakers.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Well, I don't think I'm going to shell another $200 for the Promedia Ultras. I guess I'll just have to see how bad the hissing really is or if there is hissing at all. I just ran into some reviews saying they never had hissing problems. Thank goodness for return and exchanges.

Thx for the replies.

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