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Need Someone To Re-design My Company Logo...

I have a small company in Miami, Florida. I provide tech support to people in their homes. I would like to start picking up some more new clients and perhaps expand to service some small businesses but first I need to get advetise and make some business cards and a professional looking LOGO for my company.

I designed a logo myself about a year ago using Paint Shop Pro...I am no artist by any means....so I would like to get it re-designed by a graphic artist.

If anyone here would like to take on this project it would probably take you about 20 minutes. I would like to try to fix up my logo but if you think it really blows then by all means I am open to recommendations. I dont have alot of money but I am willing to pay a modest sum for this work.

Please email me at the following address:
and let me know if you are interested and what you will charge me to do this. I will send you my logo I created.

Thanks!! :)

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