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Need some help with my new LCD monitor

Ok, so I bought a new 19' Eizo flex scan M1900 LCD screen.
As you know the standard res for lcd screens is 1280*1024.
As you hopefully can see in the screenshot ( http://screenshots.haque.net/screenshots/view/31240/screenshot-31240.png )
the sircles get stretched. Even the back\forward buttons in explorer get stretched. And I have tried different walls with a 1280*1024 res, and all those look wierd and stretched. Also a lot of icons are very jagged, also the text, eventhough ClearType is enabled.
Can anyone help me please??


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Ditto, pictures are fine. Perhaps some callibration issues on your display?

Play around with it some. It should automatically scale to your recommended display size and it apparently is not w/o issues.

Have you played around with the frequency?

Further, if you are using a dvi output, you can alternate frequency and make some other adjustments to help alleviate certain issues you might be having.

Thanx guys for the replys.
I am using a dvi output..have tried reinstalling the display drivers, I even did a reformat(was going to anyway LOL), but to no help. I guess you guys will not see the problems on the screenie since your monitors are correct.
I did write to the shop I bought the monitor to see if they have a solution.


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Your output from your graphics card is correct. If it was not, we would notice an issue.

It is very possible you have an out of spec setting some place for your display. When you run it at a lower resolution or running it with a LOWER refresh, does it help?
Find the selection on the display menu (front panel controls not drivers on the PC) that resets the display to all default settings. See if that helps. Someone may have stored a weird setting in it.

And if you have a digital (or phone) camera snap a picture of the screen showing the incorrect aspect ratio.


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Andy, I have a 19" Viewsonic LCD I go about a month ago and it is also default at 1280x1024, when I tried 1280x960 it got weird. Are you sure that it's not the latter rez that is making everything odd?

Also the walls could be the wrong ratio and at the wrong resolution look really bad.

I say this because when I got mine I went up from 1152x864 and the next rez setting is 1280x960. I thought that it was 1280x1024 and everything looked really funky. The wallpapers that I tried using were looking streched or pinched as you have described. Then I double checked it and I had boo booed (I had it at 1280x960). Not saying you did but double check the setting.
I am running 1280*1024..and all my walls is the same since I have used that res for some time now.
@Sazar, no even when I try 1024*768, it is wrong.
@LeeJend, I tried to find that setting, but I think it's not there when using DVI.


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It's a good display, what can I say :smoker:

I am waiting for the 27" version to drop. I'll probably get it when it is released, along with the r600 based AIW.


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ElementalDragon said:
uuh..... you mean the 3005FPW?
Nope, 27 incher is coming out probably closer to the end of the year :D

I think around that time anyways. Good thing about that is the 24's will drop considerably when they do :)


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ElementalDragon said:
uuh..... you mean the 3005FPW? or are they actually coming out with a 2705FPW or somethin?
3007 is the current big boi.

There will be a 2007/2407 soon and a 2707 later in the year.

Don't expect a massive price drop because the 2707 will likely be priced higher per inch than the others due to its better color gamut.

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