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26 Jul 2005
hey guyz,
am tryin to build a having some problems.....what am tryin to do tryin to build a travel search site....i have got this airport codes in a access file....and the table names are....code,airport name,state,country.....
what is the exact SQL query to call a airport code by searching the code so that all name,state and country appear.....and also after i get the results do i populate the parent window using the child window.....i hope someone will help me with this....plz guyz.....thanx for the help......
you need to be specific on columns and if this is an access file I would seriously consider switching to SQL server... basically you need to join your tables on the code, probably in a view - then you can use SQL like

select name, state, country from airports_view where code = yourvalue

As for the parent and child windows - you'll need someone else to help you there...
If I may also suggest using something besides Access as your backed database.

mySQL on the cheap end or any number of other commercial products besides Access.
Depends what he's working with, if he's using ASP or ASP.NET then Access is typically the better choice. An alternative is MSSQL Express which I believe is free. This gives you a proper if cut down SQL server to interface with.

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