need some help with coding....


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26 Jul 2005
hey guyz,
am tryin to build a having some problems.....what am tryin to do tryin to build a travel search site....i have got this airport codes in a access file....and the table names are....code,airport name,state,country.....
what is the exact SQL query to call a airport code by searching the code so that all name,state and country appear.....and also after i get the results do i populate the parent window using the child window.....i hope someone will help me with this....plz guyz.....thanx for the help......


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29 Aug 2002
you need to be specific on columns and if this is an access file I would seriously consider switching to SQL server... basically you need to join your tables on the code, probably in a view - then you can use SQL like

select name, state, country from airports_view where code = yourvalue

As for the parent and child windows - you'll need someone else to help you there...


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26 Apr 2004
If I may also suggest using something besides Access as your backed database.

mySQL on the cheap end or any number of other commercial products besides Access.


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18 Mar 2002
Depends what he's working with, if he's using ASP or ASP.NET then Access is typically the better choice. An alternative is MSSQL Express which I believe is free. This gives you a proper if cut down SQL server to interface with.

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