Need some help with a Gigabyte Mobo

I am trying to get a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP to run... It ran find, but it had a cooling problem. so I took off the HSF, cleaned it up, applied some ASII and put it back on, but then, it wouldn't boot at all. So I thought maybe the CPU was fried, so I took a CPU that I knew worked, and installed it with the HSF it came with... it still did nothing, not beeps, no nothing. I know the second CPU and HSF are fine because it's the one I'm typing on right now!! I can't even figure out how to reset this things BIOS, any help would be appreciated.

Nick M

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Well; first of all; a BIOS might not turn on at all; if the RAM is faulty; I know, because that happened to me.

Try switching the RAM.

You mentioned it had a cooling problem. May I ask what kind?
Possibly it overheated and died? :p

As to resetting your BIOS; there should be a small battery on the board; take it out carefully; and leave it out for 20 minutes or so; that should do it. Maybe then it will work. I think you should do that first, even though it's at the end of my post :)
The person who built it put ASII over top of a thermal pad, so I had to clean off both and re-apply ASII. But I know it's the mobo and not the CPU, cuz I test it with a working CPU and still no go
I agree with Nick. Sounds like bad ram. I had 2puters did the exact same thing, no beeps. On a gigabyte board if its a bad cpu it will beep continuously when you turn it on. Also there is probably a jumper on your board to reset the bios but pulling
the battery works good as well.

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