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Hi! Running xp pro on a 1.2 athlon with 768 ram. I have my pc networked at home with another. The problem I am having is this:

Pc boots to desktop but I (and this is strnge) connect to dsl or run certain programs for about 1 minute. When I say connect to dsl, I hit the Icon for connecting, but nothing happens. After the minute of time that passes by, the login screen will pop up and I then can connect. Also, Nortons av 2002 loads on startup and it has the red slash thru it during this minute after boot as well. I know when the minute passes because i can hear the pc loading something again..or connecting a device. Something to that effect. Any idea or information? REally lost on this one :(


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I had the same problem when trying to load DSL with XP Pro. Would take a minute to or so before a connection window popped up after I clicked the icon.

What I have done now is ticked the "Always dial my default connection" and put a connection shortcut icon in "Startup" in Programs. Now it automatically connects after booting.

I run NAV 2002 but never had that problem, so can't help you with that one...

Hope this helps with the DSL tho...


It sounds like a very similar problem that i had myself, it sounds like NAV 2002 isnt loading fully on startup and you are having to wait until it has loaded before the rest of your comp springs into life so to speak. What king of network is it? DHCP or static? what i would try doing is re-installing your network card and settings and see if that helps, i will post a few link on this subject that have been discussed before. :)


disable the workstation service and the problem should dissapear:)

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