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Need some advice


The Voices Talk to Me
Well I guess it had to happen eventually....... my Video Card cooling fan is on it's VERY last leg. I had to jerry rig it it keep it spinning, but I doubt it will make it though the week. So I need a replacement, and I would like some imput ideas.

I have always been a fan of Thermaltake, so I was considering there GeForce Vid cooler A1349, but they also have a huge monster called "the Giant 2" that looks promising. Anyone here using either of these coolers for there vid cards? If so, pro's con's?

Any other coolers I sould look at?

As always, my thanks!


hardware monkey
it's nice to link to the products you are asking advice about so we know what you're talking about :)

Thermaltake A1394 GeForce4 Cooler
Thermaltake A1655 "Giant II"

the gf4 cooler comes with memory heatsinks, which are always nice. both make about the same amount of noise (~29dB, silent). the giant2 only cools the gpu and prevents you from putting any heatsinks on the memory. and nvidia cards (at least up to the gf4 as far as i know) benefit most from faster memory opposed to a faster gpu.

personally, i'd get the gf4 cooler as it'd be cheaper, lighter, copper, and also cools your memory. it looks like it'd be good enough to let your gpu reach it's physical limit anyway.


The Voices Talk to Me
Sorry for not putting the links (I know better than that) I was a little frazzeled as my Vid card went into thermal protection fault while playing a game and I was like WTF!!!! Highly un-nerving to say the least.

FYI: I did turn down the overclock back to normal till I get this problem fixed.

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