Need some advice from Web-design literate ppl :)



Basically the last webpage i made was back in 97 on with dreamweaver, nothing fancy just roll overs and pasted java scripts. I never did learn to create those forms which intergrade with the user, where one can fill out the info gathering fields, submit and the data is either e-mailed to me or collected in a file database on the server. The same goes for polls and other web apps that need proper scripting to intergrade with the server.
I just don't see it ppl, all i see is this FTP directory
where i can branch HTML pages into premitive websites. And I have no understanding of scripts and how to execute them with my pages.

Why the need ? well i just want to finish what i started a long time ago. Also I enjoy the designing concepts of creating wep pages graphics,layout,behavoiur etc.
But this time go a bit more deeper and technical.

I know it shouldn't be too difficult to learn since like everysingle website has forms now and with time i guess
applications have been created to further ease the process. I just need someone to point me in the right direction or tutorial to go about doing so.

Also what are the best free hosts everyone is using now ?? Once that support the basic scripts and whatever i need to do with what i have mentioned above. Preferably without Ads. Maybe some services that will provide me with a free domain redirection. And one last thing what are the hottest progz around for making pro web-pages ?

Thanks Alot....:confused:
Originally posted by PHIL
And one last thing what are the hottest progz around for making pro web-pages ?

Phil i am a professional Web Designer. There are SO many different aspects of modern web design that i wouldn't know where to start.

I Use:
Flash 5.0
Microsoft FP (Frontpage) 2000
3d Studio Max Version 4.0 (This one is EXPENCIVE)
Microsoft Image Composer (For simple image altering this is the best)
And Last but not least Microsoft InterDev. (For writing perl and asp pages and scripts)

I lost count how many books i have to be able to use all of what i listed but lets say this it took 2years for me to make any REAL money with this stuff LoL.

One thing Phil Real coders often hand code the complex things but FP can help you out with form fields. It has real flexibility on standard HTML commands. :)
I use Dreamweaver and Homesite at work, a good and free editor which is very similar to Homesite is Firstpage 2000, which you can download from Evrsoft

I like Homesite and Firstpage, as they are more text based than the editors like Dreamweaver, this gives you more control over what's produced, but it helps to have a knowledge of how HTML works.

Also, if you are in the UK, older versions of Dreamweaver have been given away on the cover of mags like .NET magazine; you might be able to get a back issue for a lot less than it would cost you to buy Dreamweaver 4..

I don't particularly like Frontpage, as it tends to produce messy and overbloated HTML, so the pages it produces can take longer for people to download.

With a bit of digging around you can furnish yourself with a reasonable website software suite for nothing or next-to nothing.

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