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Need Software to Wipe Hard Drive Clean


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Re: Hard Drive

correct, it writes binary code to the hard drive, so when the fbi knocks down your door they wont be able to find anything.

But it takes a while, likes hours, so i hope they aren't outside right now. cause your sol.


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Re: Hard Drive

LMAO.. hahahah.. nooooo thats not the problem. i want to give away some old HD's but didn't want to give them out if some of my more sensitive data could be restored.. Passwords. banking stuff..

that was funny though.


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If you are trying to overwrite areas with out wiping out the entire drive, there is other software. If you use the text file method you need to check out the end of the file with a raw hex editor that can look past the EOF character in the file. I've seen data in sectors past the end of the EOF mark that was the original data on the disk. Magic Backup

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