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need recommendation for a good printer


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Hi all,

I presently have an all-in-one USB that does the job of printing, but it sucks at photo quality printing on photo paper.

I would like to purchase a dedicated photo printer (just loaded with photo paper and only used for that).

Maybe something with network card, as all my workstations and print server can access it through CUPS. If it is USB, then I will just share it off one of the workstations, if need be.

If it is part of the HP lineup, even better.




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honestly..... i'd have to recommend a Canon photo printer. Purchased a Canon PIXMA iP3500 for my cousin and his girlfriend for their digital camera... prints excellent pictures. they discontinued that one, but pretty much any of their Pixma lineup would probably print excellent pics. i, personally, have a Pixma MP500 multifunction and it also has excellent photo quality.


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stay away from lexmark, they don't release drivers for Linux, so I've had to jump through some major runarounds, just to get a print job through CUPS.


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on the lower price end, I'd go with the Canon Pixma's.. on the upper end of the price range, I'd recommend the higher end Epsons which are really nice and my second choice would still probably be the Pixma on the high end.

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