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Need Real Player?


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There is a web site that contains media clips that I'd like to view. It claims that Real Player is required. I uninstalled RP because of all the unwanted pop-ups, etc.

Is there some way to view these clips without RP? Is there a "stripped down" version of RP, similar to Kazaa Lite, where all advertising is bypassed?




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Thanks to both Enyo and Glaanieboy! I thought I'd try jetAudio first, so downloaded it. I'm not sure what to do now. The links to videos I want to play from that web site are set up to default to RealPlayer, I think. When I click them, I get a blank player. How do I link those links to jetAudio, so to speak?

jetAudio should do it automatically. Rightclick jetAudio window and choose Preferences. Click File Type Association and place a tick at all Real files. Hit Update! and restart your browser. Give me the link(s) to the site(s) and I will see if it works for me.
Looks like you need to install Real player after all. But I accidentaly found a workaround for it, but I don't know how to reproduce it. I use Mozilla (1.3) and when clicking a link, it opened up another window (like it should) but it also asked me where to save the 'video.pl' file. I d/l'ed it and looking thourgh the source, I found this link: rtsp://real.cbsig.net/g2demand/entertainment/mini/lateshow/reviews/2003/20030519.rm. I pasted this link in the 'Open File' window in jetAudio and the file played! As I said, I don't know how to reproduce it, but it is certainly something to investigate.


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Ouch, seems kinda advanced for me. I guess I'll try Enyo's suggestion unless someone else has a suggestion.

Any known problems/issues for uninstalling jetAudio?

Enyo, I've followed your instructions up to;

"And then use msconfig.exe to disable the startup entry."

Not sure what this means...

Can you 'splain, please?
When restarting my computer, I'm now getting the message:

"You have used the System Configuration Utility to make changes to the way Windows starts.

"The System Configuration Utility is currently in Diagnostic or Selective Startup mode, causing this message to be displayed and the utility to run every time Windows starts.

"Choose the Normal Startup mode on the General tab to start Windows normally and undo the changes you made using the System Configuration Utility.

"Don’t show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts."

Should I check the checkbox beside "Don't show this..."?



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