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Need RAM terms explained

OK, I think I've got a basic idea of Cas Latency, Mem bank switch time, and time between CAS/RAS access (at least enough to know what to look for other than "lower is better" ), but what about the "1T" or "2T" parameter. I assume it is a timing thing, but what does it mean?
Thanks, you come up with those links about as fast as I can read the articles!

What I am trying to figure out is the best memory configuration/settings for my motherboard (see my sig). I will be purchasing new memory soon: Corsair XMS 2700 or XMS 3000 (for overclocking).

(Don't even say it: I know Crucial is this site's sponsor, but Corsair seems to be the popular choice.)

I want speed obviously, but do not want to sacrifice stability at all. I'd like to use some agressive settings, but not overdoing it to the absolute limit. The motherboard manual doesn't help a bit when it comes to helping you figure out what to set the parameters at, so I'm trying to figure that part out.

Thanks again for the help.

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