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Need Professional outlook2003 help plz....


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I hope to be one member of your respectable fourm
and this is my first thread

I know it is qustion:cry: .

But please help me.

My problem is

I have outlook in my pc in a company use lan network.

We have server in the company and a website .

We recieve and send the email messages by the outlook 2003 as default email through our server.

I need to travel and take my laptop with me I can import my outlook pst file
,no problem, but how can I recieve and send the messages in a new connection and a new server ????????

Can I do it ?

advice me please and BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE......


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If the mail server is within your own network, you would need to be able to establish a VPN connection to resolve the server name.

Can you talk to your IT department, if they exist? They should be able to help you. If the travel is for company benefit I'm sure they won't have any problems assisting.
Your company IT can also set up the server to be accessed externally through a browser (Internet Explorer, etc). My company uses both methods (VPN or Browser based).

VPN is much more powerful, the browsre method allows easy access by anybody using any computer and software package.

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