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Need Prey help


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Hey Guys,

Anyone working thier way through Prey?

I am stuck somewhere. The board is called "Old Tribes". I am in a really big room, and I am in a flying craft. There are 4 big electrical columns, but 1 of them is not working. I am assuming that I have to fix this electrical column so I can move on from this board, but I cannot figure out how.

Thanks in advance,

You're supposed to shut them all off. Open the "eyes" in each column and blow them up with your guns; remove any blocks protecting them using the tractor beam. Then you can exit through the roof.
Go into spirit walk and look at some other panels that you can't reach yourself. That's usually where the codes are hidden. You have to stand in front of them for a moment and wait for a translation to appear.


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i found out how to get out from this one inside the cube there is a light source and blank spaces in the walls of the cube if u shoot the lights on the walls the cube will rotate u have to make the blue light fill in the gaps in the walls until it is filled and the cube will open
I don't remember exactly, but you had to shoot all her shield panels (when she's in a ball) with arrows while spirit walking, then go back to normal mode and shoot them out with a gun.

For the second part of the fight, you have to push a button on each of the three consoles around her and blow up the things that come out of it so they take her shields down. Then you can shoot her for a while until she gets them back up.


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im stuck on the part were there are two things to press and it opens a portal that is spinning around how do i get through


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Do a spirit walk so you can open at the same time. Open one with the spirit then go back to your normal body and press open as well.


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am i doing this wrong all it does is open and then close again am i to go in to it or something cheers i cant jump into it

i got it after u do this u shoot the light in the middle to blow it up
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