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Need parts for an NEC LCD monitor


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My uncle gave me an NEC 1700M+ because it doesn't work anymore. I'm pretty sure the problem is the circuit board that has the power button and on-screen controls on it. If I plug it in and press the power button the led just sort of flashes yellow or green. There is no apparent pattern to the flashing so I don't think it's some sort of error code.

I think that if I could just get my hands on a new one of these boards I could fix the screen (which would be pretty sweet :) ). Does anyone know where I can get one of these things? And can anyone confirm that changing it will fix the problem?
1 - It is probably not the switch panel. If it was it would not come on at all.

2 - General rule: The cost of replacement parts to fix electronics is usually a little higher than the replacement cost of the whole unit. Then you add in an equal amount of money for the assembly and test time required to make the repair and you can fix something for just about twice what a new one would cost.

We live in a throw away age. The cost of electronics is kept low by making them pretty much non-repairable. Buy the replacement warantee if it's cheap or plan on replacing the unit in 1-3 years.

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