need Optrox Photomaker 6E drivers for XP



I have finally broke down and installed XP pro to my puter and was able to make almost all my flintstone hardware work even a old ISA amquest modem... but even with a week of searching and having everyone I know at yahoo search I am still unable to find drivers for my scanner. The ones I have are for 9x, and we all know those wont work. ;) I am still running a fat32 drive as well but as I say all is well but needing to find drivers for this last piece. Till then I have to keep a partiton of 98se here to run the scanner when I need it. I have found that windrivers may have the drivers I am seeking but I cant see paying $15. to find they arent there or dont work. If anyone could or would and have a account there please look to see if there is such a critter. If it is then I wont mind giving them the cash just so I dont have to keep switching back and forth. For that matter if it is possible and not to much to ask download them and I can see if they will work. I would DEEPLY appreciate it if you can do this for me, and if you care to look at driversguide and note all the others that are running into the samething there. I have tried almost all them as well, and everytime I get them downloaded and check them out they are 9x drivers or files. So I hope you can understand my frustration on this. Thanks for all the help I will definately keep a close eye here as well as my forum post at driversguide and windrivers. "Slo"


2 Dec 2001
I have 3 suggestions.

One, keep your 98 partition for your XP incompatible device.
Two, use that $15 to help buy a new scanner.
Three, set a system restore point and give the 98 drivers a shot, might work, probably not.

Your description fits "flintstone." If you ever get the old dino to work, let us know what you did. good luck.


Well lon yes appreciate it, and yes I was planning to keep it till I could get it to work. I have tried to force the 98 drivers into it and it hits what I call a lock loop trying to load the twain32 drivers. Meaning it loads them then when I go to test it, returns to the test page never trying to access the scanner. Plus yes I am in need of a upgrade soon, but I was hoping to spare myself the scanner from being in the upgrade. But if I get it running I will repost what I did, and how being so many others are having the same problem with this model here and at driversguide. But anymore help I can get will and would be appreciated.


Dont waste your money on Windrivers, I doubt they have them. I have the same scanner and I looked forever for a working Win2k driver, tried everything that windrivers had and none of them functioned right. In the end I gave up and bought a new scanner. I guess it was inevitable anyway. If you do run across something, please post it here.

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