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Need Notebook RAM advise


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One of my Notebooks is an HP Pavillion I want to upgrade the RAM from 1G to 2G (which is the max) 1G per slot.

The specs allowed are:

200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300)

This notebook is simply used for surfing and desktop work. I just want to speed things up a bit.

What brand should I stick with? and I do not want to spend a fortune. thanks in advance :)

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depends if its a standard size module or if hp do what compaq used to do, and use specially made mem, if its just used for surfing and light work any mem will do, or you could go with any major brand names, you could always take the 1gb out and see what it is - most comps use other comps mem just branded as their own


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Crucial. Inexpensive and works perfectly; as a reseller I have never had a problem with Crucial memory.
Use cpuz to read the stick you have and make sure you get a stick with the same or better timing. Brand really doesn't matter with ram that slow, they are all fine. I dropped the cheapest thing I could find into my Toshiba and it works fine.

If you put in a stick with slower timings if the bios is not bright enough to set for the slower stick it may cause crashes. If it happens switch the sticks. The stupider bioses only read the first stick.

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