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Ok guys, I know of many good power supplies.

I have VERY specific needs and/or wants for my new PSU they are:

1) Modular (important I dont like tons of stray cables...)
2) Dual 12V rails
3) over 600W
4) PCI-E / SLI compatible
5) preferably BTX with ATX legacy backwards compaitble ( I think they all are but figured to cover it, I would mention it)
6) IF POSSIBLE to be Quiet (this one is optional if I get the rest)

BUt I want my cake and eat it too... As Usual Reps for finding valid units...

EDIT: In case anyone is wondering the reason I want a new one is because my rig is using 100% of my 12V rail and would not even power up my new storage HD I added to my system, current specs:

3.2E P4
2GB Corsair TwinX (2x1GB Dimm matched pair)
BFG 6800GT
36GB WD RAPTOR (Original HD)
2x 120mm SilenX Fans (Push - Pull Config)
1x 80mm Silenx (extra exhaust over CPU/Video on side panel)
ALL INSIDE: Thermaltake Tsunami Dream
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Ok after looking around, I guess BTX is not really anything I should worry about just yet... for obvious reasons (until they standardize BTX)

SOOO... I was looking at THIS so who has had one and what can you tell me about it?

OR... if you avoided this because of a bad review you read let me know that as well...

EDIT: and yes I know its not modular, but I havent found one yet.. Found one... who has used an ULTRA power supply?

Looks good now I need input to see who has actually used their products...
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/bump Anyone?

I know LORD and MFG will say Tagan, I spoke to MFG and he of course said Tagan I didnt realize they have modular PSUs.

NO distributors here though..

EDIT: Unless you all know of one???


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alright i dont know much but i know pc power and cooling makes some of the best psu in the world but they are expensive. here are a few other ones that would meet ur needs.
that one has 3 12+ rails
this one isn't 600w but should have enough amps for your needs
this one looks pretty good
this one meets your needs but i dont know about the brand u might want to check on this one with some one with more knownladge than i


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i think i read somewhere that you don't really NEED dual 12v rails unless you're using a SLI setup..... i could be wrong there. pretty damn sure you wouldn't need anything higher than a 600w power supply as long as you get a GOOD power supply.... not something you'd pick up from an oriental man in the shop out in the middle of nowhere who also runs a gas station next door. I'm using an Ultra X-Connect 500w power supply, and i like it. only thing i'm not entirely fond of is that the power cables are semi-rigid. they have quite a lot of pliability in them..... but it's not something like you used to be able to do with the non-modular power supply cables..... practically bending them at a 90 degree angle to plug something in that's in an odd position. and sometimes the little covers they have over the actual plug can be a bit bulky and not plug into some things (only problem like that i've heard of is with some video cards and some CPU fans like mine... but then all you really gotta do is pry the cover off which isn't too hard).

I'm assuming you're also going to be using what.... maybe 2 optical drives? even 500w should be fine. my setup:

GigaByte GA-8IK1100 rev. 2
P4 2.4C OC'd to 3.0
1GB DDR400
LeadTek GeForce 6800GT AGP
SB Audigy 2 ZS
2 Lite-On DVD+/-RW drives
160GB Western Digital SATA hard drive
3x 92mm fans
2x 80mm fans


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The PC Power and cooling one you saw would be the best item to get mlarkid.

Just get the best and forget about the rest :cool:


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Sazar said:
Have you seen his house?


He needs to keep it warm during the florida fall ;)
LOL ok I started laughiung so hard on this one, I got looks from co-workers..

REPS + !




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Sazar said:
The PC Power and cooling one you saw would be the best item to get mlarkid.

Just get the best and forget about the rest :cool:
I know, I'm just having a problem getting my g/f (soon to be fiance') to bite on spending $464.96 for a power supply and the cables, and of course a UV tube :D

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Well, after hard consideration, I finally chose:

THIS its the ULTRA X-connect (X2) second generation x-connect power supply.

I will write up a detailed report after I recieve this bad boy...

I HAD to have a new modular power suppply and ULTRA gives you a LIFETIME guarantee if you register the PSU within 30 days of reciept.

Very COOL!
i kinda want one of those. love the way they changed the cables. think they're only like.... the second manufacturer i've seen go to a ribbon cable-ish design for the power cables. and i'm pretty sure you'll be quite satisfied with the X-Connect. it actually does make it look more clean inside your case with modular cables (especially if you, say, run the 4-pin CPU power cable tucked into the metal bar where the PSU kinda rests on, and then take it straight across and down to the plug for it). i think it's the best thing, other than my video card, that i have bought for my computer. maybe after x-mas, when i have the money to order the computer parts i want, and i sell my current ones to my friend, i might just have to buy one of the X2 power supplies......


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ALso incase anyone was wondering WHY I went with a PSU which has had mixed emotions on the net since its being brought onto the market.
THIS article went pretyy in depth in testing the PSUs in real-time with an O'scope to check the voltage as well as the voltage ripple.

I hope to be pleasantly suprised, and this article as well as others, had Ultra change their minds about what the warranty on a good PSU should be.

Only time will tell... now if PC, Power and Cooling would lower their prices, maybe I could buy one of their PSUs...



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Man, you should have done a little more research IMO on modular PSU's.

They are not as good as standard items. Sure they look nice but PC P n C are no.1 because they do things right, not because of gimmicks.

The reason PC charges more is quality and their wattage ratings are ultra conservative. A psu runs your entire multi-thousand dollar system. Why skimp?


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It isn't good to skimp on the PSU; as something going wrong with it can potentially fry an entire, rather high end system...

Though when it comes to modular power supplies (which I do currently own one); I do have a slightly different take. Beyond questions of gimmicks; there is a very practicle reason to go with one.

Enter my last computer setup where I had a CD changer that I bought in 1998. Unfortunately those mollex connectors (perhaps not the best solution) sometimes get stuck with age in the connector, and given a wire that isn't long enough one can find it impossible to get the drive out of the comp to get enough leverage to remove it.

The drive practically died, though if it had any disks in it would constantly reset itself tieing up the SCSI bus so the other drives were prefented from getting on it; but for years I left it, as I didn't feal like having to undo the wiring in my entire PC to get it out and over the years (like 4 or 5) the PSU's connector got jammed in there real good and wouldn't budge.

With a modular PSU, it would prove easier in such cases to disconnect that one cable from the PSU, so the drive could be taken outa the comp where one could then have some room to work it from the drive. In my case, my hards are rather large (fairly big boned) and I couldn't get any leverage in there...

When I got that PSU out of there and then the drive (having to pull it from the inside of the case instead of out the front); when I disconnected it, it ripped the plastic thing off the drive long before the connector ever came out of the plastic sleeve it plugs into (though the actual wires themselves were un-beant and all). The drive was failing, so I didn't care about the connector getting ripped off the drive...
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mlakrid said:
Well, after hard consideration, I finally chose:
THIS its the ULTRA X-connect (X2) second generation x-connect power supply.
Very COOL!
You're joking right?

This power supply is not SLI certified (one of your ground rules was SLI compatible) and the 17A and 18A dual 12V rails are on the wimpy side for a power supply that is supposed to be that hefty. Not even listed as "SLI compatible" which for this brand just means 2 sets of connectors for nVidia vid cards. What is this companies policy on collateral damaeg to the rest of your system from a power supply failure? It is not specified.

Avoid the Antec Neo series. Many users are reporting compatibility problems with some MB brands.

The Antec Truepower 2 series has modular cables stiffer 12V rails and is SLI certified.

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