%#$&(^(%#^% Need New MB


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25 Jan 2003
#$^(%#^ Need New MB

So my MB NIC died tonight for no apparent reason...

Looking for a new MB. Low end, I never use the fancy features.

PCI-e, LAN, sound, SATA, Socket 939 and 4 DIMMs, optional on the SLI.

What chipsets and brands are good these days?

PS I'm running off an ancient 10 mbps NIC I had in the junk box for now.

PPS Thanks to all those here who have discussed backing up your wpa.dbl file over the years. When the NIC died the Activation Nazi decided I had a cracked copy of windows and gave me three days to re-activate by phone. Which would have meant 2 phone reactivations in the next week (temperoray NIC and then new MB) which MS would probably have denied. Using a wpa.dbl from my last MB change killed the Nazi. :)
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Re: #$^(%#^ Need New MB

After looking for a MB last night I'm leaning that way. I can get a 100 mbps PCI NIC for $9 locally, $14 for a gigabyte NIC.

The reason I was thinking about a change was that the pci-e and the VIA 890 on my MB have questionable performance and I only have 2 DIMM slots which means I can get a new MB and 2 sticks of 512 for much less than 2 sticks of 1 gig RAM.

My MB is a hokey ECS attempt at AGP/PCI-e on one board. But it is a faked AGP which is useless and I suspect the pci-e suffers also.

On the other hand with AM2/ C2D and DDR2 in general use now spending anything on upgrades right now seems a waste.

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what socket cpu do you have?

and if i were you i would bite the bullet and go c2d, but that is just me.

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