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Need Major Help With Samurize!! please!



okay if anyone knows this program can you please try to help me out here...
i recently installed it...everytrhing seems to work fine...i got it all config'd perfectly...except
When i add a graphic area....and then i try to add an active script and as soon as i click on it i get this error msg..and it won't allow me to add an active script. I've tried uninstalling and installing again...same thing. I tried to go to the samurize forum the last 2 days and i keep getting SQL errors when trying to register..so they are no help. I really like this program and would love for it to work properly. Is there any services or options that have to be turned on to be able to add an active script. I haven't heard of anyone having this error...
also...another quick bug/question....when i added my MBM info...it keeps showing up as -1 degrees...however...as soon as i load up coolmon or mbm is changes to the proper number...what is happening here. I hope someone can help me out.



xp m0nk3y
ok i don't know about that error message. its weird. never seen it before. been using samurize for a couple of months now. runs great. about the mbm question. for it to work you MUST be running mbm or coolmon in the background.

what do you mean "graphic area"??...thought you couldn't add graphics to samurize.

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