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Need Installation Help - Bad!



Hey guys, I am in some serious need of help here - this is my problem.

I am trying to re-install windows xp pro I have had it installed and working since it came out but it's time for me to format and re-install windows.

When I try and boot from the cd through my bios, the cd boots up fine and installs what it needs right up until it's time to load windows and pick what file system I want to use, right before it formats my drive and installs windows. It just stays on the blue screen saying "set up loading windows" and that's it. It wont go any further - I have left it for half an hour and it didnt go anywhere.

Now I installed the new Service Pack but I dont see how this would have any effect on my fresh install. I have also disconnected everything except for my video card, on board sound mouse, keyboard and monitor to make sure it wasnt something else - but it still freezes at the same spot. And lastly I used the new 6 disk windows boot disk for xp to see if that would work and it still hangs at the exact same spot - that's why I dont think it's my disk.

Any help guys? I really need to get this done right now and I have no idea where to go from here... Thanks so much for your help in advance.


If you are trying to install without first formatting, XP may think there is a newer version already installed (the SP1 upgrade) and it will not install.


There is a problem with some systems that between loading Windows Xp and installing the system, the procedure will lock or return to the previous stage repeatedly.
Try this.
When you have loaded the system files, the setup will "reboot in 15 secs"
At this point proceed, but go into the Bios before restart, and change back to boot from Floppy drive.

The procedure should then carry on normally.
Hope this helps.


Thanks alot for the suggestions people. I tried everything you have said and it still wouldnt work! I even tried starting windows xp, putting in the disk - asking it to upgrade to windows xp again and it still would work!

But what did work was this - I had to load Windows ME, log onto the web - get updates for my bios and flash it. Now I have no idea why it worked, or how it worked but it did. The next time I tried it, it all worked great! After I flahsed the bios I had to reset to my "optimal settings" and it all went great.

Like I said, thnaks alot and I am just writing to tell you guys this incase anyone has the same problems - who knows, this may work for them!

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