Need help with "system" process

IM running spybot now, i checked the event viewer in XP for Appilcaions and System this is what came up...downloading Process Explorer now. I wont be able to post back for a few hours, (wife wants to go out)

For System this what came up alot.



and these are the App errors:


Check to make sure your anti virus, disk defragmenter and anything else you might have that can be set to do a background scan is not active. They may be mistaking game play as system idle time and are running their tasks while you are trying to play.

Other possible culprits are P2P software, FTP softwrae etc.

Punkbuster will occasionally interfere with game play while it scans your system for cheat files and patches. This is annoying, but normal. Try playing on a server where punkbuster is not required and turning it off if the game allows that. If it is punkbuster you may be able to reduce interference by adding more RAM, defragging your HD or with a dual core CPU. Any of these upgrades will reduce the impact of background tasks like punkbuster.

Also if you HD is set to allow it to spin down when unused try setting it to always on in energy savings.
Well i downloaded Process Exploer and this is what came back. If in reading this right, which i dont know if i am. Is the process "AEaudio.sys+0x14106"
The problem?

I'm having the a similar problem with the "System" service. Mine jumps around from 46-52% on a dual core x2 running at 2.8. In safe mode, it's at 0%. It's definitely not game related as I don't game and don't have any installed.
corrupted audio driver perhaps, could be a game file that handles audio, do you have the lastest drivers for all your hardware ?
Ive tried installing new nforce driver for my motherboard. But when i do I gets rid of my Network connections? Are there certain drivers for the onboard sound?

Asus M2N SLI-Deluxe 570
Videocard has newest drivers.
think thats the same as mine here - it an amd board or intel - (intel) (AMD)

although asus site claims to have 9.19, so you might wanna use them.

what cpu you have? if its an AMD 64X2 you will need the AMD cpu driver, as xp has issues with them (number 1 issue i see with friends pcs that is)
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I have to say setting a hard drive to always on will shorten the life of the drive ... some people do not turn off their computers ever!!!
only time i turn mine off is to clean heat sink and fan
Yes, AMD 6000x2
I always turn my computer off.
i downloaded sound driver, didnt fix anything. :suprised: COuld you point my in the direction of the AMD driver I have XP 32 bit.
quite a few times it has fixed the issue on some of the pcs i have delt with, mainly xp, vista doesnt have the problem :)
I installed driver, i had the optimizer. Still that damn AEaudio is using 20-30 cpu. I have a Soundcard on the way. That should fix problem right?
from what i have seen that is a driver file for a soundmax audio card, so if your playing games im guessing thats why its high.

did you try the drivers i posted above from the asus site for that board, think they are for that board anyway :p
The file referenced is definitely related to a Soundmax audio card. Maybe try to get a cheap PCI sound card from somewhere and install that for testing?
i have soundmax card and have never had that file here, might be an older card, older driver or just because of the game hes playing, games are known to stress systems at times
Yes i tried updating the sound drivers, i have sound card on the way. Should have it tomorrow. Ill post back when i get it installed. :)

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