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31 Dec 2007
First off hello, Ive found these foums doing a google search.

Im having a problem when i play online games. For some reason every couple minutes or so my FPS will drop to 30-35
(average 75-125). Ive check all my temp when running the game. My 8800gts temp only raises to about 60-65c, thats normal temp for a 8800gts. I did some investigating, and my CPU usage in task manager goes way up. There is a process called "system" when im not in the game its at 0-1, In game it goes to 25-50. Again this process only does this when i start to play games...Ive found on some forums of people disabling their printer ports to solve the problem, i did that and nothing. Ive ran adaware, and spybot...and nothing. Any help would be appreciated.


that would be the NT kernel & system which is fine, and isnt anything to be alarmed about, there does seem to be some strange services in there PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe - are they programs you are running ? and what is that iw3mp.exe - is that the game your playing.

If i were you i would do a virus scan with AVG free or a trial version of Eset NOD3 or KAV, just to make sure you havent got anything on there
PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe those are programs from PunkBuster, those are for a anticheat during online game play. iw3mp. is the game i am playing. I have AVG and ran it, came up with nothing. Ive talked to some people who play the same game have close to the same computer i have but that "system" process never goes above 3-5. This is a pretty new computer with new install of windows. Could something of happened during my install? I did have problems installing my sata drivers. I tried to reinstall windows lastnight, but for some reason it wouldnt read my floppy. Ive read about "slip streaming" but have NO clue about it, Im affraid ill screw something up.

below is my system config:

CPU: AMD 6000x2 3.0GHz
Motherboard: Asus M2N-SLI deluxe
Videocard: 8800gts 640mb
RAM: 2048 of G.Skill ddr800
PSU: 550 watts
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I downloaded it and that process is still there. Why would it only start when i play games? This is driving me crazy. :dead:
That process shouldnt be taking up 25-50 of my cpu right?
system process will always be there, it is the main part of windows, it is nothing to worry about. does it use a lot of cpu when you arent playing games ?
system process will always be there, it is the main part of windows, it is nothing to worry about. does it use a lot of cpu when you arent playing games ?

No its at like 0-1, others tell me when playing games are at 0-5. Why is mine so high. CPU usage in game wil go up to 60-75% This process is using more CPU then the game itself.

Thats about "system idle process" right? IM talking about the "system" process itself.
you have any program running in the background? i would still get a trial version of est NOD3 and check as avg has been known to miss a few things
Had this problem on my in-laws computer. It turned out to be the network card doing it. When we replaced it, no more "system" jumping up and ruining the fun.
ONly things running in background are Zonealarm, AVG,and xfire. Im downloading NOD3 now. Ill post back when its done scanning. Thanks for you help, really appricate it. :)

I dont think i have a network card, its built in board right?
I dont think i have a network card, its built in board right?

They can be, yes, but onboard network devices have the same chipsets as cards do and are prone to the same problems. I'm not recommending you go out and pick up a new network card right away, though. Try some free solutions first!
I downloaded NOD3 and it came back with nothing. The good news is i figured out what it was. I dont have a floppy drive connected, but under "my computer" it was showing a floppy drive. I went into device manager and disabled the floppy. Porblem solved! My guess is the computer was looking for the floppy that was not there. :rolleyes:

Any how the "system process" is down to 5-7 when i go into the game. Thanks for all your help and taking time out of your day to help me.

Lude. :yowch:
wonderful news, glad we could all help and welcome to the forums, also petros is very much correct, network cards are a large issue for probs with machines, that most people actually overlook.
Well its back, i dont what the heck is going on. :dead:
try swapping the nic card as suggested although i swear that affects a different service, do you have prgrams set to run at a certain time, scanning apps, like windows defender or something like that, also grab and run spybot search and destroy.

We know its not a virus, lets make sure its not spyware/malware, after that if its all clean its either a windows issue or hardware :)
No programs set to run, does XP come with windows defender?
Im downloading spybot now.

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