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Need help with SP1, how to get off computer...



Hey all, I posted further down about my feelings for SP1. I had trouble with it so I had to go through a long support phone call and eventually we got my system restored. Now, how do I get totally rid of SP1. It isn't listed in the add/remove programs but yet all my hotfixes now have SP1 on them whereas before they didn't. Does this mean I have to uninstall ALL the hotfixes to get rid of SP1????? :confused: :confused: Everyone of them has SP1 on the end of their names and then the id. number. Anyone with some ideas, I don't want to call support again. Thanks for any advice!! :confused: :eek: cscally


I did a system restore yesterday after installing SP1 as I had so much trouble with it. My system is now restored to the day before I installed it. Problem is in the add/remove file, Everyone of my hotfixes has SP1 next to it. Now what?? Am I making myself clear. I want it totally off my system but I'm afraid to mess around now after all my troubles. I also know that is takes up a whole lot of space on my system if it is still present. Can ya help me??


Windows hotfixes had the addition SP1 for quite a while. If you uninstall them and get them again from Windows update, it probably won't change anything.


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I don't even have SP1 installed (56k) and mine say that there suposed to say that all service pack one is, is all those fixes plus some extra. Those where there and said that b4 your installed SP1.


Ahhhhh....I got ya. Thanks guys so I'll just leave them for now. Question though....Now that there is a patch for the uxthemepatch and SP1, does that mean I can uninstall all those hotfixes I have in add/remove and then just download the new SP1. Would that then cover all the hotfixes needed?? I just hate all this space this stuff is taking up. Please advise what I should do next. ttfn cscally


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installing SP 1
it only replaces the hot fixes that are relevant to SP 1
it left three hot fixes on my system - thats down from over 30
Start / Run
Type / systeminfo - hit enter
the best way to install SP 1 is to slip stream it

If you want to get XP back to it original state with no hot fixes
Boot from the original XP CD
when you get to the second screen - after the agreement (F8)
select repair
leaving all your installed programs & shortcuts in tact
minus all the hot fixes



Sorry to butt in guys, but there seems to be a total misunderstanding of what those entries in add/remove are.
If you open windows explorer and go to your windows directory, you should see some or many subfolders that are named $NtUninstallQxxxxxxx$. These are the items referred to in add/remove. They are there so you could remove any hotfix that causes more problems than it fixes. I usually keep them for a week or so after a hotfix and if all is well, remove them.
If you are satisfied that your system is running OK you can simply delete the folders, then go into add remove and click on each entry, one at a time, click on them. A message will pop up saying the files have been deleted or moved, and give you the option to remove the entry from add/remove.


I did the same thing that johngrsr is talking about.
Once you install SP1, and you chose to backup regular XP, you will see $NtUninstallQServicePack$. This is where your XP backup is stored. I believe it is around 140 MB in size. If you are happy with SP1 just delete this folder and follow the Add/Remove instructions that johngrsr shows above.

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