Need help with simple logo


Tweaking Monkey
1 Dec 2004
I need to make a logo for the following: Rock Solid Support

If you make a symbolic logo, it has to be as simple as possible. It's a tech support crew offering home services. (like the Geek Squad), so nothing too big (has to fit on small stickers and business cards)

A logo with just the acronym (RSS) would be perfect.

If anyone has any ideas, I'm brainstorming too... This is non-lucrative, I'm doing this for fun.

I've tried several fonts from but I can't seem to find one that really looks like rock and I can't draw that well...

I was thinking of something like RSS in big 3D block letters, with a stone texture or something like that. Thing is that it must not look too "oldish" since it's for a tech support crew, and it can't be too high-tech looking either because it goes against the name. Not easy...

Anyway, if anyone wants to try somethnig quick, I'd appreciate. Thanks!
you could just have a rock pattern behind with the words RSS embezzled into the rock surface


Rock Solid Support
I am wondering what size would be needed, I will try come up with something myself.
Lee said:
I am wondering what size would be needed, I will try come up with something myself.

Thanks man. Like I said, something that can fit on a sticker (the kind you put on a PC case)...

Let's just make one large square one, and I can resize it.

The carved stone idea is interesting, I'll play with that too!
I did brick to start off with as stone don't show up that neat.


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I like it joyjoy!

Here's what I came up with... what do you think?


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^^^^Seems good^^^^

Not an arty person myself, leave that to my fiance.
lancer said:
i have created a logo, but how do i attach it without a website, its just on my local drive.

Click on manage attachments and browse for it, then click Upload.

It's at the bottom of the post form.
thanks i never notices that before, but just created an online photo album instead.
Lancer that kicks ass. Retro. We will use it. :)

Tweak, I say we go with yours for the cards. Lee's might work for the stickers.

or this slightly more interesting one.
xtweaker, I think yours is quite good. why don't you go with that one?
x what logos did you use in the end?
I think we wanna use your retro on a website (when and if) - and X's rock design for the cards.

That retro one is my desktop now. Looks a bit odd stretched, but what the hell. ;)
heres a desktop version, or was it the other one you guys where gonna use.


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