Need help with removing Spy Sheriff


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I removed Spy Sheriff from my computer using spybot but keep getting the pop ups for Virus Alert. I tried several things (too many to remember or list) so sure would appreciate some advice on what to do next. (Note:this is the first time I post a thread)


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Try booting up your computer into Safe Mode (hitting F8 during boot) and run MS AntiSpyware and your AntiVirus software. You have more chance of removing some tactical spyware/viruses in this way.


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Sean, I did this twice with Spybot and it found and removed it. The second time it found nothing. I do not have MS Antispyware. The Norton Antivirus finds nothing.


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It should be gone then.

If it comes back repeat what you did this time but turn off Windows System Restore before doing the removal. Viuruses and spyware are now using the Windows restore files as a place to hide from removal tools. Turning off system restore deletes the files where the malware hides.

Once you are sure the virus is gone you can turn system restore back on.


when i got a virus on my pc a windows box came up saying 'your computer is infected with spyware'. so i clicked ok and spysherrif popped up. it found loads and loads of infected files on my and then said i had to pay to get rid of them. so i did. it cleaned everything including some registry files and some files i needed. nothing would work so i had to restore my pc to factory state.


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Yeah, that's very bad. Whenever you receive a pop-up stating your computer has spyware, close that window and run a scan with a reputable anti-spyware scanner. Never click on those things, as it only makes it worse :)


i thought it was a proper windows one coz the box popped up in bottom right hand corner, it got rid of viruses and spyware but lots of needed files to make comp work. iv paid for six months of it so should i get it back or just leave it alone as a mistake not to make again?

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