Need help with Networking a machine with Windows XP and a machine wih MSDOS...


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Well, this is how the story goes. Our school was going to trash some old computers, but our computer teachers decided that we could use the computers and take parts form them, and make our own computers to keep. I really didnt need it, but I said, hey, it would be a cool to experiment with it...

Anyway, the computer that I built at school has the following specs:

Pentium ? (I dont know what the processor is, howver it was made in 1995)

1250 MB Hardrive

Floppy Drive



I want to network the computers so that I can install Windows 95 on to it form my XP machine... since the one at school DOES NOT HAVE A CD-ROM! What steps should I take?


Thanks in advance!:)


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ok, but how will get get them, and how will that help me?

can anyone attach a windows 95 or 98 start up disk?


well do u have a broadband connection or 56k

if broadband u can get them from my ftp. if 56k buy floppy disks, mail them to me and ill copy them and mail them back to you. id much rather the ftp tho


you can get netboot disks for most adapters from then just copy your 9x installationfiles to a folder on your xp machine share the folder and use net use commands on your cd-rom ambutated machines like in the autoexec on the bootdisk:

net use drv-letter //| ip-adr on xp-machine |/| sharename |

and then when you have botted the older machine you want to install to. from a:\ you do:

a:\drv-letter ;the driveletter you asign the share in autoexec.

x:\install ; X just to simpplify.

its old style but it works!!

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