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Need Help with my 3DMark Score



Originally posted by Goatman
nope, it's right out of the box. Did a Video Card BIOS update, and installed the new Dets.
I'd say you got a good card then. If you overclock it, you may get a better score...
Speaking of 3dmarks, I'm kinda disappointed in mine. I got a 4890 :(

I know my CPU/mobo is a bit outdated now but I think it should be a bit higher; like maybe in the mid to high 5000's. I stopped all non-essential processes running before the test too. Maybe some of it is that I'm using Omega drivers and also I've installed, uninstalled, re-installed drivers and programs a ton of times.

Oh well. At least the games I have look ok.
Goatman: I heard the Omegas were better quality, but I have yet to see it really.

Catch: I will be formatting, but only when I upgrade my system (when the Hammer comes out providing it lives up to its hype and if it ever gets here). I have too many apps and adjustments to make formatting a "regular" thing.

I may uninstall the Omega drivers and try the newer Dets again, maybe that'll help.

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