Need help with MusicMatch Jukebox please


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Hi, was wondering if anybody can help me with this program, just got it and am very impressed with it but it has one problem that is turning me of it.

Do you have to play your music through the playlist? I have the playlist open (which I don't like) and the Library open which I do like (for all the track info etc).

Is there any way to play music directly from the library? I find myself with the same song repeated in the playlist 5 or 6 times.

Thanks in advance


Not sure I understand what you are asking - but you can hit "clear" - which will clear the playlist and then double click the song you want from the library and it will be put in the playlist box and play!???????:confused:


File, open, select the song ..

I would suggest switching to Winamp, it's free and it makes Music Match look like trailer trash .. The only thing that music match has over winamp is that you can ripp cd's with it, but with the EAC is the best ;)


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I wanted to be able to play straight from the library and not have the playlist, like you can in WinAmp. I was using Sonic Foundry Siren Jukebox but that's no longer supported so I have to move on lol. I like WinAmp but I like to be able to see the Album, year etc like MusicMatch & Siren Jukebox show.

For ripping of CD's I prefer Soundforge or if it's a quick rip Audio Catalyst

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