Need help with Microsoft Flight Sim 98 and joystick controls


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I'm new here, but i need a few tips. I am running a Windows Flight sim('98) on a Windows 2k. There is one problem- my joysticks and controller are all registering that i am telling it to pull back. :mad:And my calibrator registers perfect. Help!!:dead:


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Re: Help!

There is a setting that should say invert y-axis, make sure that this is unchecked. Make sure that the game is mapped to the joystick.


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falcon, i think he means that even when the stick is in a neutral position, the game is still registering a non-neutral movement of the joystick.


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I have had this issue with Joysticks in the past, usually it resulted in buying a new joystick. Perhaps also throwing a fit and seeing how well the joysticks flies at a wall. I'm not certain though, there could be a fix for it. have you checked to see if there are drivers/control software available for your Joystick?


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Actually, yes. i do have software for both my controller and my MS sidewinder forcefeedback joystik. But the sidewinder feedback doesnt work, and windows 2k wont accept the software for it.


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Well, Windows 2k is pretty old and was known for compatibility problems. Have you thought about upgrading to XP? I realize this is slightly out of the scope of your question, but I think it would fix this issue and most likely other problems you may be having.

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