Need help with autologon



I want to have one account that logs in automatically after a given time if no other account has been selected. I am completely clueless about how to achieve that. Please enlighten me.
tough one

As far as I know, that is not something you can change with just the regular options in XP. The only thing that might accomplish that is a custom logon script.

With XP you have to choose between automatically loading one profile, or showing the logon prompt. To have a "wait time" before the one user is logged on by the system sounds pretty esoteric.

That said, here is a link to some articles in the Microsoft Knowledge base you might find informative on this topic.

Sorry I don't have a quick answer!

Check back here if you have any more questions.
thanks for trying to help me , i will have a look at the KB's links.
hey, if you find something, please write back. i think that would be something a few people might find useful.

i'll keep my eyes peeled too.
as you might have guessed, it's primary suppose would be to have the computer boot up without requiring any attention, but if you would like to login as some unordinary account, say, netoperator it would give u like 10 seconds to choose that profile.
i guess one 'could' learn something here , but i have no knowledge about coding. again, thank you for the effort.

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