Need Help with a Webcam (Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000)


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16 Feb 2007
Thought this was just a web cam forum, but hoping some of you smart folks can get me going here.

Bought a Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000, & it's "Help" seems to tell me little. Anyone know of a good place to get educated about web cam usage? ONE of my problems is that the settings for brightness, mirror image, and all that stuff has a save button that "pushes", but it does not activate choices. Help says to click OK, but there is no OK button!

Another head scratcher is when I add a contact to it's Windows Live Messenger, and I have tried MANY, it always tells me that the Instant Messeging address you entered is not valid, but I know better, as they all work in AIM.

Also, the microphone, and video buttons activate only one at a time!

I guess I can't try this until I can get it to accept a contact. And, I am wondering how, and if I can use the cam in AIM.

Sorry about all the questions, but would greatly appreciate any answers!


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