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need help with a javascript problem


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I've been trying to watch clips on IFILM, and when I click a link, no box pops up... it is a javascript link. Things I've tried:

-Disabled my pop-up stopper.
-Checked my IE settings (scripting is enabled).
-Started up the Sun Java Console.
-Checked security settings in NIS 2003.
-Turned off Ad Blocking in NIS 2003.
-Ran regsvr32 urlmon.dll in the run menu.
-Allowed cookies for the website.

I don't know what else to try. :confused:


Act your wage.
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I've figured out that it's not a code error. If I visit the site with NIS disabled altogether, then everything works fine. I enabled the firewall with ad-blocking turned off, and privacy control turned off, and I still had the problem. I have the firewall settings set to allow all Java and ActiveX scripting.

Also, on the Advanced tab of the Internet Options, the Sun JVM is selected to run applets.

The problem is apparently related to NIS, but why should I need to disable my firewall for everything to work correctly?

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