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Need Help!!! Virus causing system errors


Can anyone help me further with this problem. I followed the steps provided but the scanner caught nothing. The virus causes my system to reboot only when I try to play Battlefield 2, then upon rebooting it gives a system error which leads to the link above. I've ran the scan in safe mode and also norton and spysweeper. Can anyone else help me out with this dilema!!

Thanks, Sindustrial777
Weird. My BF2 crashes on single player (multiplayer works fine) but no virus message. I wonder...

I'd also suggest downloading and running avg free. It may catch something Norton is missing or something that is blocking Norton (virii are getting trickier)
There is also a free on line scan site http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ . See if these turn up anything.

Assuming it really is a hiding virus. Use this link on the AVG website for tools for the 'hard to fix" virii.

Let me know if you do turn up a virus. That won't run single player bug in BF2 is annoying me.
will do thanks man

i'll keep ya posted

--edit-- I'll probably do that on the weekend though I have other things to deal with and full system scans can take a lonnnng time! Thanks though I'll post if anything happens when i do scan.

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I downloaded pc doctor antispyware or something like that, it caught a trojan.crypt kind of thing and once i deleted that bf2 works fine. Back to fragging on high detail, thanks leejend.

wanna play sometime? you're multiplayer works right?

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