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need help using dual grfx cards - catch.... one is onboard :/

Lieutenant Clone

BeachAssaultStudios Pres.
ok I am running dual monitors off a Geforce FX 5200 128mb (AGP). now I have a third monitor lying around, so ofcorse i want to go triple :). My motherboard has on-board graphics - a S3 savage4 and i want to run the third one off of it. now the issue, is that as soon as I plug a graaphics card in, it disables the onboard graphics, so that you cannot even find it on the computer (in the add hardware wizard, device manager, or trying to install drivers for it(they wont install because the hardware can not be found). I tried removing my Ge-Force and then installing new XP drivers for the onboard card, then re-installing the Ge-Force card, but no luck, the onboard disapears and the port goes dead.

I went into the BIOS and looked for a setting that might disable the onboard in such a situation, but I couldn't find any such settings.

Anyone have any idea how I can get the onboard to stop disabling itself so I can use it and my grfx card? Or even where I should be looking for this info... I have gone to several sites about this issue, but in all those situations, their onboard didn't disable automatically.

I just had a thought, mabey it is the Ge-Force FX that is disabling the onboard grfx as soon as it is plugged in. Anyone know anything about this? Can the card disable onboard?

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