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NEED HELP - Uninstalling Windows Messanger (sysoc.inf tweak tried)



I really have two questions:

On my own system (custom built of course) I have always used the SYSOC.INF file tweak to unhide MSM in the ADD/REMOVE SYS COMPONENTS window and uninstall it.

Now, trying to help my buddy out (after all this time) I notice on my system there is a PROCESS called Messanger which is disabled (I guess I did that at some point) and even though it is disabled it is started (hugh?).

How do I get rid of that Service? How did it get started when it is disabled and Messanger is uninstalled on my system?


#2 My buddy has an HP Pavillon store bought system. I walked him through tweaking his SYSOC.INF file to remove the word "HIDE" so he can uninstall Messanger.

He's never used Messanger but people somehow still spam him which interupts his gameplay (sound friggin annoying).

He removed the hide text (and even rebooted) and still Messanger did not show up on his ADD/REMOVE SYSTEM COMPONENTS list.


When he got the system it came up and made him create an Admin account. Could that be it? (not the real root level admin).

I had him logout and hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE a few times to try and bring up the real Administrator account - but nothing happened.

:) thanks for any help

:mad: Stupid Microsoft

Shamus MacNoob

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In the adminisatrive tools / services there is a service called messenger that is not msn messenger and can be disabled unless your on a network that service is not needed and that stops the stupid pop up spam windows... look for it in the services its called messenger



I found some links from previous posts to actually removal software and scripts.


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