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Need Help Sharing Out Notebook Hard Drives


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I don't know where to post this, but I am getting a laptop soon. Its ordered already.

Now the thing is this will replace my desktop PC. And somehow I want to get it accessable to the rest of the family and my laptop for storage. Sicne it has 2 harddrives (one sata 1 and other sata 2). For a total of like 400g. Would be a waste for it not to be use-able in some sort.

How can this be done?

I have been told windows 2k is great for this. Is it true? Whats version of 2k?

The PC should be able to be turned off and on without a keyboard for access. Sicne it will be only plug in with power and ethernet.

Is there a detailed post about this? I am sorry if this has been asked for. If you need any more info just ask.

Thank you



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Re: Need Help

do both machines laptop and pc have xp installed?

if so, enable remote administrator on the desktop as a service (this is so when it restarts the service comes on automatically).

Enable sharing by right clicking on either the drives or certain folders and selecting sharing and share the drives for your network.

Make sure all the computers are on the same workgroup, by right clicking on my computer and then properties, computer name then the change button and name the workgroup something, could be anything you like, but make sure all the pc's, laptops are named the same in the workgroup.

You will then be able to share the folders that you previously shared with all the pcs in that workgroup, to connect to the pc that has the share either type \\storagepc\share (as an exampe \\name of pc\name of share). or goto any folder then click on tools on the toolbar at top then map network drive, select a free drive letter and then either type the location of the share of browse for it.

Hope this helps.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Re: Need Help

The laptop will have media center 2005 when it arrives. I own one copy of XP pro SP2.

I plan to reformt my laptop when all the free crap runs out lol. But my PC will have to be reformmated with something else.

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