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Need Help!!! Please!!!!

This has been driving me crazy....

I can't see any flash using IE6... I try downloading it but it won't download from the flah player site, then I found the exe file and I installed that and still nothing...

It looks like IE6 is blocking flash some how and its really driving me crazy..

any ideas?


Mr. K

OSNN Occasional
Perhaps your ActiveX security settings are set too high.

Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security tab, Custom Level button, and set every ActiveX option that's set at "Disable" to "Prompt".

Good luck...

Mr. K

OSNN Occasional
Maybe deleting the ActiveX object will help:

Go to Tools, Internet Options, click the Settings button (middle of window), then click View Objects. In the window that opens, you may see a file named "Shockwave Flash Object"; if so, right-click it and hit Remove. Close & restart IE, then go back to the Macromedia site to see if Flash reinstalls.

If you don't see it there, or if that doesn't work, then I'm afraid I'm out of ideas.


reinstall the os .... all seriousness though, going to the site to download it should work, did you try seeing if maybe it's a shockwave file and not a flash file .. go to shockwave.com and get it there.


Originally posted by DoNuTjC
been there done that too
Then the only thing it could be is security settings - try resetting them all to default and see what it does .. if that don't then maybe reformatting will help because something is not right there ..

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