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Need help Playing songs from SD Card


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I would like to ask someone.....i can not even see teh files that i tranfered to my memory card in phone. Please some one let me know the step by step meathod to play songs in phone from SD card WITH OUT USING VCAST.


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Re: Playing songs from SD Card

Hi Shah,

I've moved and retitled your post. Please start a new thread for a new issue and not piggyback off another thread.

In addition, in general, this is a PC Support Forum and not a mobile device forum. While some users may try to help you as best as they can, please try to keep that in mind in case no one responds.

You also may want to provide some more info such as what kind of phone you have and what you have tried already and any error messages/experiences that occur - something more than, "It doesn't work."

Seeing as you mention VCast, I'm assuming you are on the Verizon network - however, knowing what kind of device you have would be a vital piece of information before anyone can begin to help you.

Thank you.. and welcome to the forum.
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Shah89 yiou are gonna have to use Vcast

The way to see the stuff on the sd card you would have to goto Get it now, Get tunes and tones, and then option 6 manage music or option 3 my music to play it.


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Actually no. There is a way but we don't even know what type/brand/model of phone it is. My LG VX9800 has a MP3 player built in, but you have to do a thing or two to enable it. Then go into the phones file system with bitpim and blah blah blah... then transfer over mp3s and edit/delete certain files, etc...

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