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Need help picking out parts

Hello, I am going to be making a gaming machine machine and need some help. I want to get the best Motherboard, processor and video card and ram I can get for around $1,000.

I have asked around and everyone seems to say that the AMD 64 is the best for gaming. So I guess I am going to be looking into a AMD 64 processor, and I know I want a 256MB PCI Express video card. So here is my question. If you were making a gaming machine and had $1000 to spend what motherboard, processor, video card and ram would you get? Couple things I need are

1. A very good motherboard with a PCI Express slot that uses AMD 64, it also has to have at least 4 Ram slots. Motherboard I would like to spend no more than $150-200

2. A 256 MB, PCI Express video card (I have been with Radeon for a while but if Nvidia has better out, ill switch. Card I dont want to spend no more than $400 on.

3. The best AMD 64 I can get for gaming that is no more than $400, would like it to be more close to $250.

4. Good Ram, would like 1 gig sticks but a couple 512 would work.

If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. I dont want to go buying stuff that I think looks good when it is really not. Also If you think there is anything I need to know tell me. Thanks alot guys
1. A good socket 939 AMD 64 MB is well within that budget. Check out the AMD 64 Club Thread here at OSNN.
You can see what MB people have been happy with and what to avoid.

2. ATI has a good PCI express vid card. So does Nvidia. Avoid the top of the line. You pay an extra $100 (~25%) for 10% more performance. A bad deal. $400 is going to be tight for a top end PCI Express Vid card.
Just use this link to look at relative benchmark speeds. Their interpretation of their own data is sad...

3. The Athlon 64 XP 3500 for socket 939 ($259 OEM, $289 retail with a cheap HSF and 3 year warantee) is the sweet spot on price/performance right now. There have been complaints that they are in short supply and hard to find though.

4. The 512 meg matched pair for use in dual DDR MBs are running about $120 on sale locally. Kingston or Crucial are good brands but check the recommended RAM brand for the MB you pick before you buy. I know people who have had problems with RAM compatibility on AMD 64 ASUS MBs. The ASUS tech support told one buddy to just up his Kensington RAM volatge by 0.1V and that solved it for him.

5. A system that good requires a good power supply. Minimum would be a 400W Antec or Enermax). Don't trust generic or "off brand" named power supplies without checking their current ratings on +12V, +5V and +3.3V outputs and the "combined power output on just these three voltages. The current on the +12V output has become very important because of the new video cards and P4 connectors on the newer MB (AMD and Intel). Remember if the Power Supply dies it can take the rest of the system with it.

6. Make sure your case cooling can handle the heat load. 2 intake fans on the front and an exhaust fan in the rear.

And welcome to the forums. :)
Thanks LeeJend, Ill get to looking at all you said now. Hopefully I will have it all put togeather soon, will let you know what i decide to go with
This is what I have got so found so far.

1. Motherboard -- http://www.buyxg.com/store/item.asp?key=MB-152-101

2. Video Card -- http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?p=AT-X800XTP&c=pw

3. Ram -- http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-220-009&depa=0

4. Processor -- Is this what you were talking about? I looked and this is all I could find that is close to what you said. I couldnt find one that said Athlon 64 XP 3500, Just found Athlon 64 3500. http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc.asp?DEPA=0&description=19-103-463&CMP=OTC-pr1c3watch&ATT=Microprocessors+PC

Tell me what you think about this set up. Thanks
Anyone? I hate to go off and buy something and it turns out it is notgood at alll. If someone that knows about comps can take a look and letme know I would really appreciate it. Thanks


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Well, Good choice on the video card, the motherboard isn't bad. The Athlon 64 3500 is a great processor. Overall that will be a nice setup.

I have the Athlon 64 3200 90nm with the MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum and 1GB of OCZ EL Platinum Rev.2 Ram. Oh and an Ati X800Pro. Of course, I like to overclock my stuff so I get the most out of it. My processor is at 2.4ghz instead of 2.0ghz, and my Video Card is the same speed as an X800XTPE. :) I think you'll love the AMD64s.
Motherboard isnt that bad you say.. That means I can get better. Think you can tell me a better Motherboard that is for AMD and has PCI Express and 4 Ram slots? I want the best MoBoard I can get so I wont have to worry about upgrading for a while. Thanks


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MSI's Neo2 board is a very solid performer, very overclockable in most cases, but unfortunately it doesn't have a PCI-Express slot. MSI also do a board called the Neo Platinum 4, which contains the PCI Express slot, but I haven't found any reviews on it yet (google might be the best option).

Good choice on the ram though; custompc recently reviewed it in a lab test, recieved some nice comments :)

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