Need Help on Windows Taskbar setting


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27 Dec 2006
I had a problem for my windows taskbar.... Apparently i can't see the windows that had open on the task bar. And when i close the quick launch toolbar, my whole taskbar went missing. Can i get some help on this ....?
Thanks in advance...


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Firstly, you need to slow down and be more specific. It is very hard to understand your problem.

Try locking the taskbar (Right click on the taskbar, choose "Lock The Taskbar") and see if that clears up your issue with your Quick Launch Toolbar.
ya, it's hard to figure out some of your problems from this post

as far as it going missing, your taskbar might be on autohide;l

right click the start, hit properties, taskbar, uncheck auto hide

and I don't know if you mean the tray which on the right of the task bar, if you do maybe you are hiding inactive icons
I'll try to elaborate ...
The problem right now on my computer is that on my taskbar, i use to be able to see how many windows i had open. But right now, it does't show that and i had to show the quick launch toolbar on the taskbar, if not my entire task bar will be missing . So right now i ended up using alt-tab to move between my opened windows which i find it too troublesome.
Okay, the Quick Launch toolbar is too large. You need to shrink the size of the Quick Launch toolbar.

If you disable the Quick Launch toolbar then you won't have this problem. So you need to make the size of it smaller by double clicking on the end of it.
I had post some screenshots to help you understand. i cannot move the quick launch too bar at all unless i have another toolbar on like for example the language bar.


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I understand and can see the problem in the screenshots. You need to decrease the over all size of the Quick Launch toolbar.
I can't seem to decrease the overall size and i need to at least have 1 toolbar on the taskbar for me to move it out of the taskbar to resize......
Do you see the "checkered" (lack of a better word) lines on each side of the Quick Launch toolbar? One of the checkered lines is on the left hand side by the Start button? The other is likely down by the notification area (by the system clock). Double click on the one down by the notification area.
This is getting fustrating for me. but i can't find the checked line near the clock ... I believed you are getting fustrated too ...
Well, I post another screen on the taskbar, i can't find the line near the clock ..


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What happens when you double click on the checkered lines to the left of the Quick Launch toolbar?
Try deleting a couple of the shortcuts that you have added to your Quick Launch toolbar.

You can re-add them once you have your problems resolved.

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