need help on 1800+ xp



please help me make it fast as it can run,i have a k7s5a board
with 256mb ddr 2100 1800+ xp sealed with fan amd,
80 gig harddrive single drive.i do not want to solder and all that other stuff i'm not that good,



will i heard you can clock up your fsb through window give more speed your cpu up,???????????


Nick M

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I don't think Micro knows what he's talking about...

To overclock a CPU such as XP it's top speed, you need heavy duty water cooling.

To bump up your speed a little, you can overclock, but not by a lot, and it's not going to be noticable. You're going to need a very nice HSF for that...


Well if you can, I think you need at least 512mb, especially when running WinXP. Your system may be bottlenecking because of the ram.

Well here is the FBS change

1. Open up your CPU's BIOS settings page. Find the section that controls the front side bus speed.
2. Turn up your setting by a small increment, say 5 percent to 10 percent of your processor's rated speed.
3. Boot the computer. Does it boot? If no, then you turned the clock speed up too much.
4. Keep an eye on the temperature of the processor. A hot processor is a soon-to-be-dead processor.
5. If it boots properly and the temperature isn't too high, repeat steps 1 and 2.
6. If the computer doesn't boot properly, turn the settings back down to the last stable setting.
7. This is where more experienced overclockers might start turning up the voltage supplied to the CPU, or trying different memory, or more cooling. Think twice before you jump in. You can blow a chip, and, like drag racing, it tends to get addicting.
8. Boot the computer and run several different applications. If they run fine, then the computer is fairly stable.

Source: TechTV!!!!!,24331,3358489,00.html


Originally posted by mirco
will i heard you can clock up your fsb through window give more speed your cpu up,???????????
You mean overclock within windows? Yes you can do that, but only use that as a last resort if you have no overclocking options in your bios, ie compaq, hp, ibm computer. Using the bios will be easier on that board which i think has some overclocking features.

As Nick said you'll need heavy duty cooling if you want to overclock that chip. You can unlock it and then drop the multiplier down and raise the fsb to get really good memory and processor bandwidth if you want but thats only if you feel comfortable modding your hardware slightly.

To add to a couple of points in Isamu's post

3............Does it boot? If no, you'll have to reset your bios on your motherboard

8............Boot the computer and loop 3dmark or prime95 for several hours. If they run fine then the computer is stable.


well i can only get 133 / 133 out of windows i can't unlock it to chage it any higher.need some help.


Shamus MacNoob

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As stated without proper cooling your in a dangerous area here

you could add more ram first you dont have enough .... 256mb is ok but trust me ADD MORE RAM you will see everything runs faster smoother I have 768mb ddr and I have run xp on 128mb of 100 mhz sdram and walked up adding ram went as high as 512mb pc133 sdram and saw a major diff then switched puters and moved over to ddr and went from 128mb ddr added another 256mb saw a very nice improvement and then I sold my 128mb stick got another 256mb was at 512mb and again saw that it really does count ... finally now I added yet a 3rd stick of 256mb and now have 768mb and again it shows ..... so after all is said and done why take the risk of frying your cpu I mean ok if your a serious maniac get some heavy duty cooling and crank it up .. but your not going to see any real diff in youre puter by adding a few % on the fsb not as much as you would see by adding ram I have done both I cranked my duron 1100 over 1250 but it did not really show it was the ram that made XP fly, XP loves ram the more the better .......... IMHO :cool:


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u can push your 1800+ to 1900+ witht eh stock cooling fan and have no trouble, thats about as much as ur gonna get out of it with the stock cooling.

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